David Blaine Microsoft Create + Dell Deck

FOUND EM! This is truly the holy grail of playing cards at the moment: the David Blaine Microsoft deck is on eBay RIGHT NOW and not only that, you can complete your “rare Blaine” collection as the elusive DELL deck AND Gold Foil Gatorbacks are there as well. All in one great lot ready to be owned… BY YOU!

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What I know about this Microsoft deck is what I heard from rumors, nothing confirmed. Blaine performed at a Microsoft event for interns where they held a party to thank them for the great work they did. David performed, they got an XBox AND one of these decks of cards as a thank you. If you weren’t there, you don’t have the deck… Or so it was.

Slowly decks started trickling onto the market and when the word got out about these decks no details where known. These are some of the rarest david blaine cards Now you have the opportunity to own one of these decks plus two other incredibly rare finds all in one great auction on eBay. Don’t wait, get it. Today!

Click here to Visit this eBay Auction

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