The Playing Card Frame – Display Your Decks!

Now THIS is an awesome display case, ready to go without any modifications to prominently display your collection of up to 25 decks at a time… Or get two and show off 50 decks!


Click here to Visit this eBay Auction

I think a general problem in the collector community is a good way to display your cards, while protecting them as much as possible from the elements. An impossible task if you ask me, which is why my decks are all in drawers sealed off from the outside world. I’d rather display them to be honest, and this might be a good solution for my “problem”.

This display cabinet has an oak finish and measures 21.5″H X 14″W X 2.2″D. There are metal brackets on the back ready for you to hang this on your wall. Best of all? No assembly required… It comes ready to go 😀 Get yours at the eBay listing below:


Click here to Visit this eBay Auction

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