Bee Playing Cards – Circa 1960 – GREAT!

A few years back I spotted this seller offering similar decks from his collection. After some back and forth on the price we agreed and I must say: those similar decks are the pride of my collection. Get these while you can so they can be yours, too!


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These cards are sealed with a tax stamp and IF I am correct (IF, could be wrong) they have a Bee style wax paper wrapper around the cards when you first take them out of the box. This was almost a “fresh guarantee” packaging that would ensure your cards where nice and snappy when you took them out of the pack for th first time. The cards themselves are great as well. Though cut might vary a lot, generally the paper is great and its really awesome to see the old style faces compared to the modern ones we use now.

If you have a few bucks to spare, snatch this thing up – You won’t regret it!


Click here to Visit this eBay Auction


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