Steamboat Playing Cards – Printing Plate!

When making a deck of cards, the tuck case is just as important as the cards themselves. After all, if there is no pretty picture on the packaging the deck won’t be sold at all. This auction on eBay offers an original USPCC printing plate for the Steamboat Playing Card Box, a real icon and a unique opportunity to own a piece of playing card history.


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Steamboats are made in many colors, variations and back designs and date back to the late 1800’s / early 1900’s. A few years back they where reprinted by Dan and Dave Buck alongside their New Fan Back rendition and have sold out ever since… AGAIN. Get this unique item while you can!


Click here to Visit this eBay Auction

3 thoughts on “Steamboat Playing Cards – Printing Plate!

  1. Bob

    I have a 7 copper printing plates from the early 1900. The newspaper wrapped around them was 1898. I’m inquiring what they may be worth.

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