Bicycle Uncut Sheets – From Cincinnati 2008!

I couldn’t believe this find: really good looking (not creased, bent or heavily damaged!) Bicycle Playing Cards Uncut Sheets… FROM CINCINNATI, OHIO!

Blue Uncut Bicycle Playing Cards Sheet
Red Uncut Bicycle Playing Cards Sheet

Uncut playing card sheets are sheets of playing cards that are simply not cut, and pulled from the printer right before they go down the production line be be cut into actual cards. These are highly sought after by collectors, and especially the older ones.

The cool part about these particular sheets? The seller claims these are the last ones to come from the Ohio plant, before they moved to Kentucky! How freaking cool is that?

Own a piece of USPC history. Get these sheets while you can!

Blue Sheet’s Front + Ace of Spades
Red Sheet’s Front + Ace of Spades

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