Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards – Coming to Kickstarter July 1st!

UPDATE: The Jerry’s Nugget Kickstarter is live (and 1000% funded) – Back Today!!!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I am, and it’s true. For the past 6 years, I’ve been working closely with the Expert Playing Card Company, and they have just announced that they are re-introducing the iconic Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards!

The JN Playing Cards History

First printed in the 1970s, these playing cards never saw any table action and according to the legend were directly offered in the casino gift shop for $.50 each. Many magicians loved the incredibly long lasting card stock and design which quickly made it a favorite of the magic community. You might have seen Ed Marlo, Larry Jennings, Dai Vernon, Dan and Dave Buck, Lee Asher and many others using these cards to perform their miracles!

In 1999 a private collector purchased the remaining stock of Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards. The decks quickly skyrocketed in value online. Going for upwards of $500 plus, many collectors consider this deck of cards the holy grail and just NEED to have one in their collection, but… keep them sealed and never get to experience the incredibly simple yet sophisticated back design and handling the cards offer.

Coming To Kickstarter!

This summer, July 1st at 10AM EST, EPCC will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to produce the first official Jerry’s Nugget Decks in almost 50 years.

Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards – 2019 Preview Edition

Though not meant to be replicas of the original Jerry’s, EPCC went to extreme lengths. They redrew the original artwork, color matched the original red and blue colors used on the original decks. Staying true to its heritage, EPCC teamed up with the original printers, United States Playing Card Company to bring you what they think is the best of both worlds: The incredible ORIGINAL designs, printed on premium crushed stock for the perfect finish and handling printed on the USPCC’s best printing press; the web press.

How Do I Stay In The Loop!?

Make sure to visit to learn more about this upcoming Kickstarter project, and sign up for the newsletter. You won’t want to miss the first time this deck is printed in over 50 years.

Who knows… It might take another 50 for the next run!

PSSTTT…. Made it this far?
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5 thoughts on “Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards – Coming to Kickstarter July 1st!

  1. Julian

    Im glad they are releasing this version. I own both the original red and blue as a collector but happy i can get a few cheap alternatives to actually use 😛

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  3. Denzil John Asche

    I have a question. I got the email to set my alarm, which I intend to do. But when the email says EST, is it really EST, or is it EDT because the east is in Daylight time now? I just ask because I really want to set my alarm properly. Thank you so much.

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