Ricky Jay Playing Cards – Thank you.

It was April 2018 and I was visiting a friend in New York. During the day he asked if I’d like to join dinner with himself and two other magicians. Little did I know that Ricky Jay would come walking through the steak house door that evening, shaking my hand and later asking “So Aron, do you perform some of the conjuring arts?”. I stumbled a bit and said yes, but that I wasn’t worthy, haha! Ricky made me feel welcome at the table – could be a good name for a book – and it was an evening I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Ricky Jay On The Stem
Playing Cards

A few months later in November I heard the sad news the Ricky had passed away, and remember thinking to myself how fortunate I was to have spent this dinner with him earlier in April (you won’t believe who picked up the tab – that’s for another time 😉 ).

When browsing eBay today I found a unique piece from Ricky’s incredible history: a deck of cards that says “Ricky Jay” which was sold during Ricky’s show On The Stem. Grab this rare opportunity and add this deck to your collection – Click the image below!

Get This Deck While You Can!

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