David Blaine Stealth Deck

Back in 2012, David Blaine released his first follow up deck to his Split Spades: The White Lions. I remember getting a brick at the time, opening one up and thinking “this is the best deck I’ve ever handled”, SO GOOD!

And then… I heard about this red version. Nobody knew anything about it. I’ve seen a stack of them only ONCE in my life in person but didn’t have the balls to ask what they were… In 2018 I finally figured out what these are, after dismissing it as “another” version of White Lions (I know… I’m an idiot.). It’s David Blaine’s Stealth Deck – his personal gaff deck that he uses for himself.

From what I understand these are gaffs David uses in his own signature effects, hence there are so little available on the market today.

Recently, he offered a Pride of Lions box set containing all the white lion decks… and one of his stealth decks from his private collection.

These where released in as an insanely limited edition as they sold out in – from what I’ve heard – just a few seconds.

If you are a David Blaine collector, this deck can not be missing from you collection. Don’t wait, as these will go off eBay again soon and will remain with the people who proudly possess one. Will you be one of them?

Get This Deck While You Can!

Watch a Stealth Deck Review Below!

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