Arrco U.S. Regulation Playing Cards

The Arrco U.S. Regulation Playing cards we all know and love. They come from the once independent Arrco Playing Card Company: Originally started in the 1920s, the company was later acquired and merged into, the United States Playing Card company in 1987.

Get This Deck While You Can!

Arrco U.S. Regulation Playing Cards, blue sealed from the old Ohio Factory.

Magicians and cardists love the iconic Arrco playing cards. And for good reason: the stock is like nothing else, the design is gorgeous and their faces differ from regular faces that we see on many decks today. Although some prefer the regular faces, it has become a trend lately to use Arrco faces again. You’ll see them on multiple decks from the Blue Crown and on Ace Fulton decks.

Rumor has it that when the USPCC moved from Ohio two Kentucky, two private collectors bought up their entire final stock – roughly 18.000 decks – of the Arrco’s (as that is what these are mostly referred to. Note: Arrco Tahoe is a different back design!) which are now sold off individually on the internet.

Grab one of these iconic decks while you can, before demand rises even more then it already has over the past 10 years 😉

Get This Deck While You Can!

One thought on “Arrco U.S. Regulation Playing Cards

  1. Aiden

    I have a pinochle deck of cards with the same back design but it looks gray on the box. It’s sealed, and has no words on the tuck other than something like “pinochle cards” or something equally generic. The box is gray and gold. Do you know anything about those? I can send pictures over email.

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