Hoyle Playing Cards – Jumbo Index Lot from Ohio

Another great find from the old Cincinatti, Ohio USPC Factories: Hoyle Playing Cards with Jumbo Indexes. Not one deck, but a 21 deck lot!

According to the Playing Cards Wiki: “Hoyle cards were originally printed by Brown & Bigelow (established in 1896), the first company to own the rights to the Hoyle brand. Their first cards were printed in 1927. Hoyle became such a strong brand name that after 1975 their playing card division’s name was changed to Hoyle Products.”

This is a great chance to own some of these great decks. You get to experience the difference between the Ohio decks and the ones produced today. Although I personally have not tried this in ages, I KNOW for certain you’ll feel the differences and immediately understand why Ohio decks are so sought after!

Get This Lot While You Can!

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