Wynn Playing Cards

I was about to turn 18 when Dan and Dave Buck released a limited supply of red and blue backed Wynn Playing Cards. They where the closest thing we could get to Jerry’s Nuggets at the time, at a VERY affordable price.

Original Photo from The Wynn Playing Cards Sales Page at D&D

Back in 2007, right near the end of it in December, the Bucks wanted $29.99 for a BRICK of Wynn Playing Cards… Or $2.99 per deck. See the original sales page text below:

Professional quality playing cards

A close comparison to the infamous Jerry’s Nugget Deck in both “design & durability” at a price everyone can afford.

These are different than the brown Wynn cards Theory11 is selling. They are slightly stiffer and have regular indices. Perfect for magic and flourishing.

Purchase the 
Wynn Decks in either Red or Blue for $2.99 each.

Originally manufactured for the Wynn Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV these cards were printed on “Bee” stock with the highest quality paper, ink, and finish. Never before have we come across a deck of playing cards that handles so well.

Recently selling on ebay for well over $50 a deck now you can experience them for yourself for only $2.99 

Unfortunately, those days are gone but you’re not totally out of luck yet!

Red, Blue and Brown Wynns

Here’s a chance to own the complete set of the original decks offered by Dan and Dave and later the brown edition by Theory11 in one lot. Get it while you can 🙂

Get This Deck While You Can!

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