David Blaine Playing Cards + Price List!

This is an incredible lot, for a… ehmm… incredible price?

Before I dive into more details… Check this photo :O

David Blaine Playing Card Collection

There is currently a seller on eBay, who, incredibly enough is willing to part with this collection for a hefty price. It is however of EPIC proportions.

It appears to include pretty much every single deck Blaine has ever put out. Take a look at the listing description below:

Stealth Deck x1 – $600

Microsoft Deck x1 – $700

Dell Deck x1 – $700

2018 VIP Tour Deck x1 – $500

2017 Tour Deck x1 – $200

Split Spades Tally Ho Box (Red/Blue/Black) x1 of each – $150 each

Fearless Deck x1 – $125

Split Spades Red/Blue/Black x1 of each – $50 each

Split Spades Silver x1 – $35

Split Spades Sepia x1 – $60

Split Spades Bee (White/Black) One Opened x1 Sealed Invert Black x1 Black and x1 opened Inverted Black – $80 each /opened $20

David Blaine Mind Reading Deck x1 – $35

David Blaine Discover Magic x1 – $25

David Blaine Transformation Deck x1 – $25

Prototype Marked Deck (Black) x2 – $60 each

Blaine Stoics x1 – $20

Blaine ABC Deck (Both Sealed one with seal and one without) x1 of each – $125 each

Gatorback (Red) x1 – $250

Gatorback (Green) x1 – $70

Gatorback (Black) x1 – $25

Gatorback (Gold) x1 – $30

White Lions Series A Blue x2 – $40 each

White Lions Series A Rainbow Edition x1 of each (Red/Violet/UVx2) – $100 each

White Lions Series B (Red/Blue/Black) x1 of each – $15

Black Lions (Black/Red/Blue/Second) x1 of each – $15 each/$7 for Seconds

Black Lions (2 Different Seals) x1 of each – $15 each

David Blaine Superior Deck (Black) Signed x2 – $75 Each

2018 White Lions Tour Edition (Red/Red Invert/Black/Black Invert) x1 of each – $25 each

Blaine Gaff Outlier Deck (Black/Black Invert) x1 of each set – $25 Set

Skull and Bones Private Reserve x2 – $40 each

Storage Brick Boxes – $30-$50 Each

(List of Boxes)
Private Reserve
Black Lions (Red/Blue/Black/Seconds)
Gatorback (Black/Gold)
White Lions (Red/Black)
Limited Edition (Black on Black/Black on Red)
Observer Brick Box
Outlier Boxes

If you want a David Blaine Playing Cards collection, but don’t want to scour the web for each individual deck, this is your shot! Click below to learn more 🙂

Get This Deck While You Can!

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