A Rare Look INSIDE The USPCC Factory In Ohio!

I have just found this incredible video from RnK All Day on YouTube. For those who do not know, the genre of “explorers” is booming and what they simply do is explore abandoned buildings, villa’s, factories and more.

While they explore these buildings they get access to buildings (don’t ask how, just enjoy haha) and video the whole thing. These guys went into the Norwood Ohio, United States Playing Card Co. factory that’s been closed down since 2009. This happened after they moved their facilities to Erlanger, Kentucky and the old factory is now abandoned. Now, it’s explored. Watch the full video below!

The incredible thing about this is the amount of paper waste, singles and other little bits and pieces that refer back to the good old days. There are production belts, pallets, hang-tab signs and so many other little things you might recognise. So happy I found this video and can now share it with you 😀

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