CPC Marketplace Updates

Wow, what a week it has been for the Collector Playing Cards Marketplace.

Many items where added almost instantly, and so far the amount of listings just keep growing and growing – Thanks for your incredible support!

I’m trying to make the CPC Marketplace, and CPC overall, a place for collectors, magicians, cardists, and overall playing card aficionados the best and safest place to hangout, discuss, learn, and do business. In an effort to continue this path, today I’m happy to announce we have added to great features to the CPC Marketplace system.

First off, and this sounds simple but it simply wasn’t there, is a “Mark as Sold” feature. This allows sellers to mark and item as sold, and disables the contact button. No more people checking in if your item is still available… just mark it: SOLD!

CPC Marketplace Statistics
CPC Marketplace – Listing Analytics

Secondly, and perhaps one of the best additions to the Marketplace made so far (easy claim, it’s been live for a week 🤣): Analytics. From now on, sellers are able to visit their CPC Marketplace dashboard and see analytics for each listing they’ve added. You’ll know how many page views your listing received, how many unique visits (people might visit twice) , AND how long people stay on your listing. For the geeks: this is called “bounce rate”. Google measures how long people stay on a certain page, in this case your listing. If people stay on the page for lets say more than 5 seconds, the page must be relevant to the search phrase a person typed into Google. A great way to see how your listing is performing and perhaps instantly shows it needs improvement 😉.

With that said… have something to sell? Head on over to https://www.collectorplayingcards.com/marketplace/ – Signup if you haven’t already (shame on you 😜) and/or login and list your items for sale TODAY!

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