Why eBay’s Shipping Is So Expensive, And What You Can Do About It!

Yesterday I received a package from the USA. My finger slipped again on eBay, haha! Over the past few years, I noticed that shipping has become exponentially more expensive and never fully understood why… Until yesterday. Before I continue, please know I rarely complain about shipping and always so to friends: It’s the cost we pay for being collectors, and I truly believe that.

But today…. This just tickled me the wrong way. Read on!

What happened?

The above are two packages that were sent to me and which I received yesterday. They contained 4 sets of commemorative USPCC decks, a prototype deck and the tube containing two uncut sheets of tuck cases. Cool haul, but not overly weird or heavy.

eBay, during checkout, charged me $73.92 total: $3.49 MORE than the price of the items. Gotta love that, but that’s not what this article is about.

When I received the two packages, I noticed a bunch of stickers on stickers on stickers. Every check this thing passed, a sticker was added or so it seems. Cool, gotta have stickers to follow the packages around. But, when I peeled off all those stickers (the seller had spent what seems like a full roll of tape to protect the ENTIRE box, so pulling them off was easy) it revealed the original prices: $8.75 for the square box + $7.35 for the tube. That’s $16.10 total. A $57.82 difference… Hang on…WHAT!?

Before you say “Well Aron, the “Bay” has to make money too”: They did. Off the seller who listed the item.

And before you say “But Aron, that package needs to be shipped from that distribution center to your house through local post services: yes, but $57.82? Come on. I don’t know what postage rates are where you live, but this is insane!

I understand that the prices shown on the box are just the fee’s to get it shipped to a distribution center. From there, there are fees involved to get it to the next, and then to me. That’s 3x shipping charges for one order… Which I did not even ask for (I asked for the order, not paying 3x shipping).

What can YOU do about it?

The short answer: nothing. This is how eBay works now, and if you want to use their platform: Accept it.

BUT… There’s an alternative 🙂

At Collector Playing Cards I recently introduced the Marketplace: A place where you can find playing cards, playing card accessories, playing card related items and more. Best of all: we do not charge fees.

That’s right, you don’t pay for listing your items and when you sell an item we don’t get a share of the profits. Why? Because we are not interested in making a quick buck. We want to build a sustainable community where people can safely learn, share, buy, and sell (perhaps even trade?). If we ever can’t handle the operating costs out of our own pocket, we’ll have a community to turn to for help (hopefully, lol)!

So, are you sick and tired of eBay’s listing fees? Are you sick and tired of their incredibly expensive shipping program?

Join the CPC Marketplace Today – Click Here!

Oh, and why eBay’s shipping program is so expensive to the point where the shipping is almost ALWAYS double or triple the item’s cost? Really, I have no clue :/ Please comment below and let me know if YOU do!

11 thoughts on “Why eBay’s Shipping Is So Expensive, And What You Can Do About It!

  1. Em

    Delivery is crazy. Tshirt cost 5 box and to deliver 12.50. Ridiculous. I go across a street and get tshirt for 4 dollars. No need for Ebay

  2. Nikki

    I always felt it’s just to make a little more money. If so, I get it. People are trying to buy as cheap as they can, and Ebay wants its cut. As a collector who uses Ebay frequently, it’s frustrating to see shipping costs SO high on items that you know cost nothing to ship and I personally refuse to buy from sellers who put ridiculous shipping costs. I think it’s one of the reasons Amazon is preferred, it’s easier to find the item with free to little shipping cost- although if you make a little effort a lot of the time you can manage to find what you’re looking for for a great price with reasonable to free shipping. Especially if you take the time to bid. Man there’s nothing better than winning an item you’ve been searching for, for a great price! I will definitely give your app a go, though! Good luck, it sounds amazing and as a collector:much gratitude!

  3. Stephan

    I just deleted my eBay app. The shipping prices are absurd. Also the site is way less interesting flooded with merchandise a little interest. This is not a plug but I’ve just tried out a REDACTED while there is less merchandise I would prefer it to eBay. Also Etsy is another good option with some handmade items and unique offerings. I’m pretty much done with eBay. Also I refuse to be a seller there and have eBay directly dipping into my bank account. We are way way too much big brother for me.

  4. Steve

    I was trying to figure out a hack and stumbled upon this. Aha! So I’m not the only one getting the feeling that Ebay’s a rip. I sold a bench for $55 & buyer pd $48 shipping on top, plus I pd $15.50 for the label, leaving me with $22.35 for a bench I didn’t ever use but pd $44 for. Billing shows poor guy pd $121 for the bench and I lost $. The middle man is too greedy! Surely theirs gotta be a more profitable way for buyers & sellers…

  5. Ohall Right

    All this sounds absurd. My recent eBay transaction, for a $9-10 set drink coasters, cost maybe $15.00 total.

    That said, my search for answers came after seeing a $100 shipping cost listed for a $60 computer monitor. So there’s that.

    1. Aron Prins Post author

      Hey Ohall!

      The reason for this most likely is because you’re in the US. I’m personally in the Netherlands which is why this happens to me and other international buyers.

      Hope this helps!

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