Best Cardist Alive Playing Cards

I’ve known Patrick Varnavas for many years now. We met each other online in tinychat like cardistry video chat rooms and spent hours on hours jamming, and the usual shenanigans 😛

When I found out HE was the one behind Best Cardist Alive I was pleasantly shocked. We had not talked in years and sort of lost touch. When I reached out, it was like the old days again. Had some great conversations and we talked about BCA. I saw the deck just when he announced it, and being a sucker for simple back designs I instantly liked it. Striking red color, popping white circle and a great yellow crown insert – the Best Cardist Alive logo.

The cards sold out really fast – as many do these days – so finding them MIGHT be a little tricky. However, we wouldn’t have an eBay alert if we didn’t find unusual things… And here it is on eBay. Get it while you can!

Get This Deck While You Can!

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