How Playing Cards Are Made?

Well, that’s a special question. For hundreds, if not thousands, of years playing cards have been the center of leisure and entertainment. From common household games, simple wagers, all the way up to full-blown gambling, playing cards have been at the forefront of society for many years.

But… How are they made? What does it take to create a deck of cards from nothing: the paper, the inks, the tuck case, checking if everything is 100% perfect. The folks at The United States Playing Card Company have perfected this process for over 130 years. See how they do it in the video below!

How Playing Cards Are Made at Bicycle®

A fun fact: the black glue that Lance Merrell, former head of R&D at the USPCC, is talking about is what makes Bicycle cards so durable and loved. It’s the “special sauce” they use to bind the paper layers and ensure durability, great snap, and an overall incredibly well-handling deck of cards.

While writing this article, I found another, more recent promotional video for the Bee Playing Cards that is shown at – Check it out below:

Bee® Confidence In Every Hand

I hope you liked this little article – Please leave a comment below with your favorite USPC deck of cards!

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