Provision Playing Cards

In just 2 days, Theory11 will release their brand new deck called Provision Playing Cards. Although not much is known about these cards at the time of publishing this article, here’s a few things we know for a fact:

  1. They’ll be released on Friday, June 28th
  2. Red is the current teased color
  3. The Ad Card features an intricate emblem of what appears to be a Snake (see photo below!)
  4. The tuck case will be embossed

From the teaser seen above, the back design looks simple and elegant – as usual with Theory11’s decks – and might actually be a design from them that I’ll like in a long time. With its thin lines yet bold Snake emblem, these cards could be the next “instant classic”… But, time will tell.

Here’s another teaser from Theory11’s Instagram for the Provision Playing Cards:

I’m looking forward to this release – are you? Let me know in the comment section below!

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