Bicycle Marked Uncut Sheet – Rare As Sheet #2

Who hasn’t heard of the Ultimate Marked Deck? It is one of the most sought after marked decks for magicians as they are made on regular bicycle stock and feature the rider back design we all know and love.

What is a marked deck? A marked deck allows you to know what the card is… FROM THE BACK!

These are sold in magic shops around the world and allow magicians to know which card their spectator selects and be one step ahead of the game. These NEVER surface uncut and yet, we’re linking you to one RIGHT HERE.


Get This Sheet While You Can!

Note: the detailed shot of the backs (bottom left photo) are NOT marked. These are the ad cards 😉

If you love marked cards, this is a rare and unique opportunity that won’t come by very often – get this sheet while you still can!

Get This Sheet While You Can!

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