Ellusionist Gaff Uncut Sheet – Rare As Sheet #4

Ohhh are you in for a gem today. Remember the Ellusionist Blue Bicycle Gaff Decks? The ones that couldn’t be reprinted due to restrictions at the United States Playing Card Company? This is the holy grail.

This is rare as sheet!

Get This Sheet While You Can!

Up for grabs is an authentic, first edition, Ellusionist Gaff Uncut Sheet of the blue deck originally printed at the Ohio factory. The ones currently available on their site are reprints to my knowledge, as I own 1 of 3 of the 1st edition RED uncut sheets. I’ve been told the current ones available are a re-run but don’t pin me down on it!

Either way, if you frame this and hang it on your wall, it will be a conversation piece for the rest of your life. Own a piece of history today!

Get This Sheet While You Can!

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