David Blaine Cards – The Full Collection?

Is this the full David Blaine Cards collection? It sure looks like it!

This amazing listing comes from eBay and at first glance, it appears to be the complete collection of david blaine playing cards.

Get This Collection While You Can!

david blaine cards

It includes every single david blaine deck, from his original Tally-Ho style Split Spades, to White Lions, to the elusive ABC deck and Microsoft Deck. It’s all there.

If you are a fan of David Blaine’s playing cards, and have the money to spare, this is an amazing kickstart to your collection OR to complete your collection with one single purchase.

What seems to be missing are the prototypes for the Bicycle trick decks. Back when David released these, some prototypes hit the market and are highly guarded by the collectors that own them. Jason Rideout of the amazing Facebook group Bicycle Card Collectors is one of the people I know how has the full set.

Get This Collection While You Can!

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