How Two Playing Cards Made My Year

This incredible, and true story, begins with me browsing eBay as I do so often. I “watched” a listing above as it was an interesting lot: 2 full-colored jokers that appeared to be Bicycle Jokers. I sent the seller a message with about 12hrs left on the clock of the auction and forgot about it. […]

Dead Man’s Deck Playing Cards

I heard about these before in the Collector Playing Cards Facebook Group (join now, yay!) but didn’t look into them until now: The Dead Man’s Deck Playing Cards. When I saw these are first I was, like many probably, thinking to myself: WTF and WHY? When reading into the entire spiel of the makers, it […]

Eastern Airlines Playing Cards

To find one of the decks you are looking for is a massive rush. To find a full brick of 12 of them… Vintage Eastern Airlines Playing Cards – 12 pack. Before I quit smoking (last week… literally :P) I used to smoke L&M and scored a BRICK of L&M bridge size playing cards. Yes, […]

84 Decks: Tally’s, Bikes & Bees!

Browsing eBay again, trying not to buy everything I see… And I stumble upon this: 84 decks of incredible cards and they’re all there! Tally Ho, Bee and Bicycle in all types and colors at an incredible price. Get This Lot While You Can! If you are a user of cards, this could be a […]