Bicycle Rider Back – 6 Pack

At the USPC you can usually buy bricks of cards – 12 decks in a carton box – but sometimes, depending on the brand and current offering, you can buy them in 6 deck cartons. This is an older version of a Rider Back 6 pack! Get This 6 Pack While You Can! It’s not […]

Peau Doux Playing Cards

After Walgreens released this amazing yet simple back design, it was quickly picked up by a magician by the name of Cardini. He liked the design so much that he bought out Walgreen’s entire remaining stock and made them promise to not reprint them again. This is a true rarity – Get this deck while […]

Stud Playing Cards

Since about the 1980’s, the United States Playing Card Company has been manufacturing Stud Playing Cards for the store chain Walgreens. They are in high demand, and you can now get 12 at an incredible deal! Get This Deck While You Can! The Stud stock is softer then decks we’re used to such as Tally […]

USPCC Expert Back Printing Plate

Browsing eBay I just ran into something incredible that I simply can’t hold back from the CPC eBay Alert – like all the others, haha 🙂 This is a VERY RARE printing plate of the original Expert Back from the United States Playing Card Company! Get This Plate While You Can! I can safely say […]

Russell & Morgan – Salesman Sample Book

Update 12/09/2019: Be very careful adding this to your collection – This items contains mold and mildew and could be a risk to your existing collection! Over the years, many playing card factories existed before the USPCC we all know and love today was formed. This salesman sample book is a testament to the old […]

Bicycle New Fan Back – Black and White

When the United States Playing Card Company released the Vintage series over 10 years ago, Hong Kong Magician Zenneth Kok was inspired and released a black and white version of this incredible design. This is your shot to stock up on this sold out deck! Get These Decks While You Can! Immediately after it’s release, […]

Absolut Vodka Playing Cards

Originally printed in 2005, the Absolut Vodka Playing Cards were popularised by the Buck Twins in their What Is Theory11 Hidden Footage video. Now available on eBay, in limited quantities, this lot of 5 decks is an awesome way to stock up FAST! Get These Decks While You Can! Initially these where inteded as promotional […]

1ST Playing Cards on eBay

The 1ST deck by Chris Ramsay is a VERY sought after right after it’s initial release. They sold out super fast, and the price on eBay has been rising ever since! Get This Deck While You Can! It is produced by the United States Playing Card Company on crushed stock. One of the coolest features […]