Svengali Deck: Revealing It’s Mysteries!

svengali deck

Ready to unlock the secrets of the Svengali deck and mesmerize your audience with mind-bending illusions? Whether you’re an aspiring magician or a seasoned performer, the Svengali deck holds endless possibilities for creating awe-inspiring magic tricks. The Svengali deck is a fascinating and versatile tool that has been captivating magicians and enchanting audiences for over […]

David Blaine Cards – The Full Collection?

Is this the full David Blaine Cards collection? It sure looks like it! This amazing listing comes from eBay and at first glance, it appears to be the complete collection of david blaine playing cards. Get This Collection While You Can! It includes every single david blaine deck, from his original Tally-Ho style Split Spades, […]

Bicycle Rider Back – 6 Pack

At the USPC you can usually buy bricks of cards – 12 decks in a carton box – but sometimes, depending on the brand and current offering, you can buy them in 6 deck cartons. This is an older version of a Rider Back 6 pack! Get This 6 Pack While You Can! It’s not […]

Peau Doux Playing Cards

After Walgreens released this amazing yet simple back design, it was quickly picked up by a magician by the name of Cardini. He liked the design so much that he bought out Walgreen’s entire remaining stock and made them promise to not reprint them again. This is a true rarity – Get this deck while […]