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4 Amazing New Disney Bicycle Playing Cards Decks

Hey there, Disney fans! Have you heard the exciting news? In 2023, we got to celebrate a century of Disney magic with the Disney100 extravaganza! Click Here Disney Bicycle Playing Cards NOW! And guess what? Bicycle rolled out a whole series of deckdecks of Bicycle playing cards inspired by our favorite Disney characters to commemorate […]

Svengali Deck: Revealing It’s Mysteries!

svengali deck

Ready to unlock the secrets of the Svengali deck and mesmerize your audience with mind-bending illusions? Whether you’re an aspiring magician or a seasoned performer, the Svengali deck holds endless possibilities for creating awe-inspiring magic tricks. The Svengali deck is a fascinating and versatile tool that has been captivating magicians and enchanting audiences for over […]

Stud Playing Cards

Since about the 1980’s, the United States Playing Card Company has been manufacturing Stud Playing Cards for the store chain Walgreens. They are in high demand, and you can now get 12 at an incredible deal! Get This Deck While You Can! The Stud stock is softer then decks we’re used to such as Tally […]

Provision Playing Cards

In just 2 days, Theory11 will release their brand new deck called Provision Playing Cards. Although not much is known about these cards at the time of publishing this article, here’s a few things we know for a fact: They’ll be released on Friday, June 28th Red is the current teased color The Ad Card […]

How Playing Cards Are Made?

Well, that’s a special question. For hundreds, if not thousands, of years playing cards have been the center of leisure and entertainment. From common household games, simple wagers, all the way up to full-blown gambling, playing cards have been at the forefront of society for many years. But… How are they made? What does it […]

CPC Marketplace Updates

Wow, what a week it has been for the Collector Playing Cards Marketplace. Many items where added almost instantly, and so far the amount of listings just keep growing and growing – Thanks for your incredible support! I’m trying to make the CPC Marketplace, and CPC overall, a place for collectors, magicians, cardists, and overall […]