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hi, I’ve been collecting for only 3 years but you do have a valid point about decks listed as collector item any deck with one print run is technically limited edition, but the card market is like any market, for example I bought a set of cherry casinos for $300 and sold just the house for $600 a year later so good investment and they seem to keep going up, yet I sold a wrath deck I purchased for $10 for $120 after a year also good investment but I’ve now seen wrath decks on Ebay again this week for as low as $20 same for Fontaine decks prices seem to be dropping a lot for some of the editions after they didi the dead-stock guess fountains and watermelon and v3 sell for 50-100$less than before so yeah have to be careful not to invest all into it, saying that I do have an 18K$ collection so I am still confident its a good investment personally


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