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Aron Prins

Hey everyone, @wenxiusoh, @danieltan,

I just remembered I purchased 2 of these in NYC last april at Tannens so went to my storage and got a deck… WOW am I pleasantly surprised!

Although I’m not sure where these where produced, the tuck gives the the idea, like others such as @vjose32 suggested before me, that these where printed at the same factory as EPCC and LPCC.

The stock is very nice, thick yet thin (I know :P) and snappy af.

The faces are nice and dark but overall pretty normal, no edits made. The AOS looks like the GN original just like everything else.

The borders seem a bit thin but that doesn’t bother me too much.

Attached some photos – Ya’ll better buy them while you can cause if the batch I ordered is like the deck I have here, im buying them all 😛



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