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Frederic Villemin

Hello Patrick,
I’m really really happy that my web page has been able to help you 🙂
It is the result of several years of collecting cards and working closely with Lee Asher (I have also worked with him about the site which is the reference about these cards)

You know, I’m a collector of real Jerry’s Nugget decks but also of fake decks as well. And I must admit that it is very difficult to find really good fakes. Fake Jerry’s Nugget decks are not a legend but I have never seen fake ones that really look like the real ones. People should not be so afraid about buying a fake one because they are not easy to find (except the ones sold in magic shops which are really easy to define as fakes).

Only one day when I started collecting, somebody sold me 2 real fakes. I had the chance to have bought one real deck before and I was able to say that they were fakes. These ones were only created to fool people : cards were awful but the box color was yellowish to mimic old deck and several tips were ok. But I have never seen again such fakes.. (on my website they are the Fake #1)

Oh yes, there is another time when I thought I had found a new fake : when somebody on eBay sold a strange Jerry’s Nugget deck with a sticky stamp from the eighties. It could not be true but it appeared that it was probably a real small production of new Jerry’s Nugget .. at least that’s what Lee explained in a Card Culture magazine. Somebody bought it and try to sell it for $3000 a few days after .. I wish I had bought it instead of saying it was a bad fake 🙂


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