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I cant find it anywhere and it was a paid move too (in some DVD bundle) so you have a few options.

1. Watch a Tutorial thats not from the Virts. W.A.V has pretty good tutorials… in spanish. But I learned a lot from those even without speaking spanish.

Here is one by J&T

2. Write a mail to the Virts and ask them how to get the flourish.
Maybe by donating a small amount or something like that they will send you the original by Daren Yeow. Maybe they will just give it to you for free. Pretty much nothing to lose but time I guess.

3. Find someone who has it.
I´ve never really talked to him buuuuuuut there is this guy called th3truth on the reddit. He claims to have a lot of tutorials that are not available anymore. He seems like a nice guy and openly states that people can ask him about those and he will give it to them. This is his reddit page. If you write him a private msg with something like “Hey you said the other day that you have some flourish tutorials that are not available, do you have Squeeze by any chance?” I bet he will reply. This is the thread where I read this.

4. Ask the Cardistry Discord where to find it.


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