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They are cards to predict the future 😉
A medium/oracle/magician draws from the deck and places them on the table in a specific order. Depending on what card is drawn when, a prediction can be made. Every tarot card has its own special meaning that can either be learned or looked up in a guide book. Also there are many different ways to lay them out and the meaning of the cards changes depending on the “ritual” as well.

Its something like a horoscope or maybe a Oija board. A fun way to dive into mysticism and occult prophecys. I´ve had around 6 or 7 tarot readings up untill now and while not very accurate, its always fun. If you have fun reading your horoscope, youll have fun with tarot readings.

One more thing… most tarot cards I´ve seen have a AMAZING design. All astrology and mysticism themed, with cool backs and interesting face pictures. I bet there are ugly ones out there but I havent seen one yet.


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