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Hello hello,
Ive got a few of these too, very odd deck.
N1107 on my ace which is the same as Aron’s if im not mistaken. Long flap, smooth finish (however the box says cambric finish while the brick box i got them in had a smooth stick stuck onto it).
The blue ink on the court cards and jokers has bled pinkish like Aron mentioned.

One difference i see though is the tuck box, Aron and i have the same tuck box, while Daniel you have a different one. It can be seen on the border surrounding the back design (back of the box), Daniel you have clear lines with some design flourishes mid way through while mine matches Aron’s best which is solid blue, double bordered on either side with dots running through it. So from what i gather, Arons and mine are same batch (both N1107) however you have N1101 so most likely different batch but same time +/-..? Beyond that and the information already mentioned here, couldnt elaborate any more.
They did have a peculiar smell right out of the box, like naphthalene… Odd


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