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1ST playing cards V1 by Chris Ramsay

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      Hey guys,

      I started collecting playing cards just when the 1st v1 playing cards sold out. I have 6 decks of the v2’s but I am a HUGE fan of Chris Ramsay as I see a lot of myself in him en so I want to have his 1st playing cards set complete as well.

      Any of you guys have some v1’s that you want to sell? I know for sure that we could make a good deal for them and I promise I will take good care of them!

      Kind regards,

      Ps Please include shipping costs to the Netherlands

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      David Martins


      Unfortunately I don’t have any V2 nor V1s..

      You willing to sell a deck of V2?


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      I have a couple sealed V1’s and a signed deck. I’d be willing to sell you one of the sealed ones. Send me a DM and we can talk. I can send photos.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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