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24 Carat Gold Deck

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      Chris Hall

      I usually go around to tobacco shops that are also gift shops and search for interesting cards. I have been to 6 gift stores and only 1 of them sold Bicycle cards. I still found some interesting decks tho. Even for generic brands you can find interesting stuff like this: A 24 carat gold deck of cards with the Australian $100 as the back design, the tuck case is very stiff it almost feels like plastic. What are peoples thoughts on regular old playing cards that are not necessarily good quality like USPCC? Here is an image:

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      Soh Wen Xiu

      Many of these claimed to be 24k carat gold deck are mostly made in China and are not real gold.
      I guess even if the quality is not good, but the design is unlike any standard uspcc courts/pips, some are worth keeping as well in the collection.

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      Kelvin S

      This isnt old, only worth 3-5usd i think (alibaba) and isnt real gold.

      Only 24k carat i believe is from ussi

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