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Borderless or bordered cards

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      Daniel Mårtensson

      I wonder how you guys like your cards. Do you like borders or no borders. One way or two way designs

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      Jonas L

      I like bordered and borderless decks. It must fit into the design. But in my oppinion a deck should be a two way design or at least a one way design where it is hard to notice that it is a one way deck. I also really like the new concept of the orbit v5 because you get the nice fan like in a borderless deck and the packets are still separated enough in big motions.

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      Daniel Mårtensson

      @jonas9812 I also like the orbit v5s very much

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      Chris Hall

      I enjoy both equally, and I prefer 2 way designs for sure

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      2 way designs are definitely superior in my opinion, and honestly, a bordered design can be just as good as a borderless design as long as they are a good design to begin with. Orbit V5s are also very nice with that sort of design.

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      Daniel Tan

      I prefer cards with borders but with thin borders so it will look nice for spreads and for magic, but it really depends on the deck design too in my opinion. 🙂

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      I prefere borderless. I only have one borderless deck (green Virts) but I find them more interesting when watching or doing cardistry. NDOs broken borders might be my favorite design.
      That being said there are awesome bordered decks. The new clouded paper deck… so good.

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      I really depends on what I am trying to do. I mainly do card magic vs cardistry. That being said, when doing magic I prefer bordered cards, they just looks so much cleaner in magic. If im doing gambling demonstrations, I would prefer borderless just because certain sleights and gambling techniques work better with borderless. As for cardistry, I feel like some borderless decks have their place, like virts, but I prefer borders in cardistry. Its nicer imo because in packet cuts you have really defined packets.

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      Travis N

      2 way is the only way, I’m not dead set on bordered vs borderless. It is very much based strictly on the art, there have definitely been cards I wish were bordered that aren’t and vice versa.

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      Daniel Mårtensson

      I didn’t know people would have this hate against one way backs

Viewing 9 reply threads
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