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CCC 2018 Round 1 Results

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      CCC 2018 Round 1 Results

      Without further ado, the winners of Round 1 of the 2018 Cardistry-Con Championship are:

      Salvador González
      Birger Karlsson
      Carter McDiarmid
      Luis Mecalco
      Dabi H.A.
      Phan Phong
      Yang Chan
      Samuel Pratt

      Was not expecting a lot of these round 1 wins, but congrats to all of them either way.

      The judges also wrote feedback for all these contestants on cardistry cons website.

      Pretty disappointed that Lunzi didn’t make it through to round 2 :/ Lunzi’s video was by far my favorite.

      What rounds are you looking forward to seeing in Round 2?

      For me Salvador and Birger is going to be nutty, as well as Dabi and Phan Phong. Also looking forward to seeing Yang Chan’s 2 finger concepts in Round 2.

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      Aron Prins

      Awesome overview Taylor!

      Would it be helpful if I provided a HTML version that you can easily edit and update?

      Cheers 🙂

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      Daniel Mårtensson

      Yes Birger advanced

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