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      Daniel Mårtensson

      Do you guys like simpler cards or more intricate and detailed designed cards. I will give two extreme examples below just so you know what i mean

      1st pucture

      2nd picture

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      Like with everything it depends… Simple decks like the one you are showing, or red dots for example, are a bit to minimalistic for me. But there are others that I really like (cherrys or 1st epc by chris ramsey for example).
      Simplicity is awesome but it has to be above a certain threshold.

      With detailed art its pretty much the same. There is a point where you can “overdo” it. Buuuut I think in general I tend to find detailed cardbacks more interesting.

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      David Niederauer

      I would echo what Acixcube says. As a magician my farite Back is the Bicycle Paris with the Rider, Maiden, and Mandolin right up there too. I don’t want the spectator to be concentrating on some strange look of the cards. I want them to concentrate only on the “magic”. OTOH I love the designs like the Cherry Decks. And the new Organic Playing Cards Peelers and new Oranges Deck are fun and cool. I also like bright, clean geometric designs. I think black is overused and no longer cool. I’m also very tired of cards that have a “dark” or “horror” theme. And I think Knights and their like are getting old.
      My 2¢.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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