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Fake bicycles

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      Daniel Mårtensson

      Has anyone else gotten scammed when buying bicycles and gotten fakes

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      Chris Hall

      Not yet, and not in the future I hope. I literally have gone to every store in my city that sells Bicycle and bought out all their stock. Bikes are usually pretty rare to find in person these days for me. So i have to buy them online. I always use reputable websites that exclusivity sell playing cards, I avoid eBay, but I have bought decks there before.

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      Travis N

      A scary thing I have not seen talked about is a known chinese fakes site I use for airsoft I found has quite a few cardistry decks in stock now. Thankfully they are at going value which makes me think they are real as most of the fakes are cheaper than the real ones to try to draw sales. But fakes are rarely brought up in cards.

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      @milindahob posted some fake bikes the other day. those are really the only time i have ever seen them

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      Costa Pantazis

      There’s a couple on eBay that sell them, in most cases based in asia. You’ll see they always have the rarest and more limited decks (all brands) in mass quantity for sale.

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      Kelvin S

      Asia wise it really depends, our side tend hoard a lot of the old decks

      Example 1 TCC had 2k or above 1k in stock of fontaine sleight edition

      Example 2 is look at Japanese collector

      Example 3 a local place still sells uv500 ghost at the old price 🤷‍♂️

Viewing 5 reply threads
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