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Flourish difficulty system

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      Soo…. umm… I´ve been working on something, pretty much for myself but I figured it cant hurt to share my Idea here.
      I´ve always been unhappy with the way flourish difficulty is rated (easy, medium, hard). Its way to basic to really understand if a flourish is your kind of thing, in terms of learning at least. So I came up with my own way of classifying the difficulty of a move.
      A string of letters and numbers that represent different aspects of the learning expirience should do the trick, so I wrote down this 4 value chart. Every flourish can be assigned such a 4 value string (for example T243 or D514)
      As I said, I mainly did this for myself. Since learning expirience and difficulty are such subjective things, its pointless anyway to try and make a system that fits everyone. Also its a rating system that heavily relies on expirience and I just dont have that yet… If there was a database where users could rate the difficulty of flourishes with those aspects in mind (taking into account their expirience and if they themselfes can do the flourish), that could be useable data to make a more objective rating. Like a flourish review website, that would be awesome… Buuut thats just a dream, there is no way to keep trolls from messing up the ratings and the userbase would have to be quite big.
      ….whatever, here is a little chart… work in progress.

      1. Classification
      Whats the basic flourish Genre? Its possible to have more then one letter, since that makes flourishes even easier to distinguish. No way to confuse something since the rest are numbers.

      O – one handed cut
      T – two handed cut
      A – Aerial
      D – Display
      F – Flirt (also twirls)
      I – Isolation
      S – Spread this includes fans

      (So this makes me very unhappy. F should be for fans, but I cant take T for twirls because its occupied by the two handed cuts… arg)

      2. Prerequisits
      Does the flourish need a great amount of muscle strenght or dexterity? Do I need to learn other moves before learning this?

      1 – none
      2 – basic movements and knowledge required (charlier, dribble, thumb fan, revolution), no dexterity training needed
      3 – some movements and knowledge required, some dexterity or expirience needed
      4 – complexer movements and knowledge needed, good dexterity mandatory
      5 – how does this even work, complex flourishes as perequisits, very precise or fast movement needed

      3. Initial learning difficulty
      How long till you “get it”? Is it hard to successfully do the flourish the first time?

      1 – super fast, down in a few minutes
      2 – takes one or severel hours to do a real one
      3 – takes days to get down
      4 – takes weeks or months to do the first one propperly
      5 – maybe when Im old

      4. Mastery
      How long does it take for the move to actually look good? Is it hard to be consistent with it?

      1 – easy to master the move, after a few days or weeks its fast with 99% cosistency
      2 – consistency and flow takes some time to get right
      3 – harder to be consistent, flow takes a long time to master
      4 – only mastered after severel years of consistent training, maybe not possible for every cardist to master this.
      5 – friggin impossible, only a few cardists in the world will propably master this flourish

      So a few random examples would be:
      Revolution cut – O112
      Pretty easy and basic move. Charlier was the only thing I´ve learned before that but in my opinion you can pick it up without knowing the charlier or the grips (fun fact: I´ve watched my first video on grips after about 3 month, already learned hubble by then). Its not hard to be consistent and not that hard to be fast so 12
      Padiddle – F145
      Simple flourish you dont need a lot of knowledge or good finger dexterity but its pretty hard to pick up and even harder to master. The last two numbers could also be the other way around F154 but …. Im not able to do this one so idk.
      Hubble – T322
      Pretty easy flourish. Need corner spins, revolution cut and some other techiques, not super basic so no 2 rating there. Pretty easy to get consistent at and not all that hard to get fast and flowy.
      Riffle Fan – S242
      Pretty basic requirements, only needs dribble. Hard to get down initially but once it clicks its not all that hard to make it look good and fluid.

      Im thinking about splitting those categorys up even further. Dexterity and knowledge base requirements could be individual things, as well as consistensy at the start and over time, but Im not sure about that yet. And….

      … thats it. Might not be the most usefull or elaborate thing ever but I have fun thinking about this stuff ;P Feel free to tell me what you think or if you have Ideas for a rating system. Have a nice day <3

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