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      I’m Mike, aka “p455w0rd” (pronounced ‘password’-I’ve used the name since 1999..if you google this and find a’s probably me). I’m a computer programmer by trade (specifically Java currently), and I’ve been into cards and magic since my grandfather first showed me “the nickel trick” when I was something like 4 years old. “The nickel trick” we more commonly know as “Nickels to Dimes” these days. I grew up in what I consider to be the best era for Magic…the 90s. We had The World’s Greatest magic to look forward to every year. Magic in the mainstream pretty much died until Blaine’s Street Magic DVD, and again until Fool Us. I’ve had a decently rough life. I’ve battled drug addiction, and won, luckily enough. I honestly believe that the word addiction has been demonized. I believe they are plenty of healthy addictions. I know people who are addicted to giving to charity and working to better their communities. So what got me into card collecting was the need for a healthy addiction. I was first just getting back in magic and buying up vintage/original production gimmicks like the Lippincott Box, Steel Ball thru Glass, Nickel to Dimes, etc. At some point during this, Chris Ramsay, who I was following purely for the puzzles, had a recommended video where he talked about the Jerry’s decks. This began my new obsession with playing cards.

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