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      Jonas L

      Are you guys always carrying a deck of cards with you? If yes, does it has to fit your outfit and do you use it for example on the train/bus for cardistry?

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      I always have a deck on me, most of the time several. Since I dont have a lot of decks I cant really match them to my outfit (wich is also mostly black) but I wouldnt care even if I had a fitting one.
      I use a plastic deck when I´m outside, waterproof, washable, durable. Perfect for cardistry in the rain or letting cards fall down into the mud ;P But most of the time I have a paper deck on me as well for fans and such.
      No matter where I am, doctor, bus, shopping line, I practice. Its just to much fun.

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      Aron Prins

      Always. Walking down the street practicing ;P


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      Depends on the occasion. When I’m at work, I get really dirty so I just have s really old beater deck of rider backs in my work bag, other than that I don’t really bring cards with me unless I’m going out. So like going to hang out with friends, or the bar, or whatever. But if I’m running errands I don’t have a deck on me. I’m not big I’m just doing magic whenever, I have to want to do it and that’s normslly when I’m going out for the night

Viewing 3 reply threads
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