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      Aron Prins

      Hey everyone,

      In this topic I’d like to explain what activity points are, how you can get them, and what you can do with them over time 🙂

      How do activity points work?

      At CPC we want to encourage engagement and connecting with new people: it’s what we are all about as a community.

      Activity Points are connected to certain activities on the site and allow you to unlock exclusive deals, gifts and discounts in our store.

      Activity Points are valid for 3 months. After three months you can redeem your Acitivty Points for any given item mentioned above before we reset the counter. Once reset, your Points Balance will start at 0 and new activity is required to rebuild your balance.

      One specific giveaway we do before resetting the Points is a Mystery Deck giveaway. The first person who reaches 1000 acitivty points takes the prize and receives a free deck, shipped to anywhere in the world, on the house!

      How to get Activity Points?

      Create a CPC account: 5 points
      Refer a new member: 5 Points
      Login to CPC Daily: 1 Point
      Start a new forum topic: 2 points / Limited to 1 per day
      Add a Topic to Favorites: 1 point / Limited to 1 per day
      Reply to an existing topic: 3 points / limited to 1 per day
      Post an Activity Update: 2 points / Limited to 1 per day
      Add your Avatar: 1 point / Limited to 1 per month
      Add a profile cover photo: 1 point / Limited to 1 per month
      Become friends with another member: 2 points / Limited to 1 per day
      Reply to an Activity Update: 3 points / Limited to 1 per day
      Favorite an Activity Update: 1 point / Limited to 1 per day
      Send a Private Message: 1 point / Limited to 1 per day

      More information can be found at


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      Ivan Andreev

      How do you refer a new member?

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      Aron Prins

      @johnsmith In the right sidebar, click on your name. Once there, on the left hand menu click on Profile and you’ll see a box that says “Affiliate Link” with a link in it.

      Copy that, give it to a friend and if they activate their account you’ll get 5 points 🙂

      Hope this helps!


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      Aron Prins

      I’ve made it easier to find your referral url!

      Simply click on the activity points banner up top, and you’ll see your link in the green notification box at the top of the page 🙂


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