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Keeping decks sealed

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      Chris Hall

      When you buy cards do you get multiple decks one to keep sealed and one to open? I have started doing it, it gets expensive but I want a sealed collection too. I can’t help but open them sometimes it’s so satisfying.

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      Daniel Tan

      For me if I want the deck to be displayed in my collection, it must be sealed. Sometimes when I buy multiple decks, I will avoid the temptation to open them.

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      Chris Hall

      I feel like playing cards are meant to be used and enjoyed. But I get that a sealed deck on a collection would be more aesthetically pleasing for display.

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      Jonas L

      I tryed usually buy 2 decks. 1 for use and 1 sealed, but mustly i use the sealed one as well, because the fist one is getting pretty destroyed. Maybe i should buy 3 decks…

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      Daniel Mårtensson

      I try to buy more than one deck and keep one sealed and always keeps one sealed if they are limited edition even if i only have one

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      Kelvin S

      I used to buy 2. One to keep, one to use. Then I slowly decided to just get 1…because in the end I didn’t use the deck and end up selling them.

      But i still do get more than 1 if its a limited edition or David Blaine deck

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      Soh Wen Xiu

      I buy more than one only if it the design really attracts me and the price is decent. Then i would open one to use.

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      Greg Kipp

      If I like them, I’ll open them. My collection is for me. That being said, if my bank account allows I will buy multiples for trade. I’ve never sold a deck but I’ve traded dozens.

      • #3972

        Chris Hall

        That’s a interesting way of looking at it 🙂

    • #4208

      Travis N

      I have a split list in my collection of what gets opened to play with and what stays sealed for collection. Mostly its the limited/numbered decks stay sealed, which is hard to do at times when I know the backs or faces look so good on some of these.

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      I generally try to buy at least two. One to use and one to keep sealed in the collection. If I really like the design I will buy more than two, so I have multiple to use, and if I really really like the deck I will buy a brick.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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