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Looking for Used Decks !

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      Hi, My Name is Mitch From Lincoln, Nebraska

      I’m an artist who thought up an idea one day to upcycle used playing cards into new, exciting, unique works of art. This has slowly turned into an obsession and passion.

      Because of my new art perspective, I have developed into a lover of the art of cards; not so much playing them, but collecting and admiring decks for there uniqueness and beauty. I have even started my own library and have had ideas to one day open a playing card museum. There are so many cool and unique decks that are being produced or have been produced. and All I must-have! In order for my artwork to expand and continue, I would need to have a wide variety of decks to collect and use, much like how other artists use paints or fabric artists use fabric swatches, I turn what is already a unique deck of cards, which always exists within them artistic value and craft and combine them with other decks to make images of beauty and wonder into another artistic vision that my goal is to one day showcase in a gallery.

      However, I won’t lie my budget is limited in these early stages of production. I have yet to sell or even produce a lot of pieces right now. I’m hoping to really soon to continue to fund this project. I also realized early on that getting my hands on the raw materials of some of the most creative decks designed and produce would be a small fortune. Maybe when I win the lottery, (cross fingers) I am currently at a point where I can only produce as much as I can afford currently. So In order to expand the ideas and create new gorgeous pieces, I am currently relying on thrift or donations, or try not to go into huge amounts of debt securing the decks that can be used for further exploring.

      So if any member of this site, EVER wants to get rid of or donate parts of your collections. Please let me know! Or if any of you have treasure troves of old, used, been in a box for years, decks too I’m looking for anything that I can use in my pieces.

      *full disclosure I cut playing cards up in my art process 😳(sacrilege I know)

      but it’s for the love of the uniqueness of playing cards. And I can send you images of some of my work to see if it inspires you to make a donation or work on a deal for unwanted decks.

      In between creating, I will most certainly be expanding my growing love for this interesting medium and continue to support those projects that I find the most value and joy in and i look forward to being an active member of this unique community of collectors.


      The Cardleidoscopic Artist

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