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      They are on sale right now for like 1/3 of the normal price or something. Anyone know if these are any good? I’m thinking about buying them and they seem pretty cool, especially since I have a few decks of Madison Dealers.

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      Daniel Tan

      These are sure worth getting if you are a collector or magician. For those who didn’t know, E is also selling the signed gamblers by Madison for $14.95.

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      Daniel Mårtensson

      All ellusionist decks are pretty good

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      Kelvin S

      If you are a magician they will be great, collector wise they aren’t rare and only have 2 complete set of decks on sale

      Get the knights because they have a marking system.

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      @kelvin199 Yeah I have a few decks of Knights and I really like the marking system. Personally, the Dealers marking system is of more use for me as it is much less noticeable and also tells you the suit.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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