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My name is Terry and I am an addict

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      Thief of Dreams

      Greetings and standing ovations.
      I’m not sure how I managed to find my way here but it all began with tarot decks. I started collecting based on the artwork alone but that quickly got pretty expensive as a hobby.
      I found playing card decks randomly on Amazon and had no idea the rabbit hole I had just tripped into.
      This was about 2 months ago and now I can’t stop. Prefer the more creepy and intricate artwork cards and have zero experience with cardistry or magic but do find myself sometimes watching videos and wondering if I have the patience to learn them.
      I think I am something like 57 playing card decks and probably on a “Shoplifter” watch list at Walgreens cause I keep going back every few days hoping they have new cards in. They don’t though so I just walk out with my tail between my legs and without buying anything.
      What started as a “cheap” hobby extension picking up $3.99 decks on sale and the best deals online has morphed into a sickness of backing Kickstarter campaigns and ordering more expensive decks online while eyeballing the checking account and wondering if I can slip in one last purchase.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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