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Nixie Playing Cards – Limited Marked Deck

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      Steven Jeselnik

      Hi Guys!

      I’m Steven from e this is my first playing cards project on KICKSTARTER!

      For our cards we have chosen bright colors aplly in black paper to obtain a good
      contrast. Every figures and numbers are immerse in metallic wires that recalls the
      nixie vintage style. On the cards each illustration is recreated using a wire wrapped
      around itself.
      Inside the diamonds and hearts card the numbers and figures are represented using
      a single red wire with an incandescent effect, that recall the lit nixie tubes. At the
      same time in the spades and clubs cards the illustration are without the incandescent
      effect, to recall the nixie tube off. To remain consistent with the nixie style in the
      card back you will find a classic honeycomb wire mesh present within many nixie
      tubes, which contain incandescent crowns.
      Every nixie deck has a simple and intuitive marking system. We decided to not expose it directly in the campaign for all those people who love challenges and want to try and find the trick on their own.

      Thanks for support

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      Travis N

      I backed this with two accounts lol. My love to nixie tube lights alone wanted both options, good thing I have 2 kickstarter accounts for such occasions.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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