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      Hey guys,

      So here’s a deck my girlfriend and I created for a friend for Christmas. I was curious about the quality of MPC and decided to make 2 of these, one for him and another one for myself.

      It’s not really a deck for the public but it has some elements of design that I was testing out like the chopstick lines in spreads, the pip placements, etc.

      I am looking to maybe create a second version of the Onigiri to explore more design options and maybe accentuate my tablework.

      This is the first time it’s shown to the public. Comments are welcome!

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      Soh Wen Xiu

      Thats quite a cute deck! The only thing is that i find the higher numbered card pips making the card looks over crowded.

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      Yea, will have to look into that. Thanks

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      How did they end up handling?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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