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Optimal and maximum price for a deck of cards?

Forums Playing Cards Other Playing Cards Optimal and maximum price for a deck of cards?

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      Hey Guys! 🙂
      I just wanted to discuss with you the optimal and maximum price for a deck of cards in your oppinion.

      I wanna discuss this, because I feel like people get kinda angry sometimes, if someone buys a deck for 30$ or even more.

      In my oppinion everyone can decide for themself, when a deck is too expensive and when not. For myself the most expensive deck I have ever bought, was the Pink Fontaine for 45$, wich by the way a fenomal deal was. I mean I am just a 16 year old student, so I cant effort a brick of new anyone’s or whatever. Usally I guess, that a standart deck of cards is worth about 10-20 dollars when it first comes out. After being sold out for weeks/months/years decks are often worth 30 to maybe 100$ sometimes even more and I think thats ok, cause it is like every other buyable thing like postage stamps, old coins, cars etc.

      I dont know, maybe just write your oppinion and we can discuss (°v°)

      Sorry, if I did some mistakes, but I am not a native english speaker…have mercy

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      I like standard/cheap deck more ,because I don’t feel I have to be careful with them… but paying a bit more is also fine😉

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      Soh Wen Xiu

      If you’re gonna abuse a deck might as well just spend 3-5usd for a standard bicycle/tally/bee/aviators. They’re always the best for practice.
      I do not see any point in opening so many expensive decks either. Although I’m a collector and I’m guilty of spending too high just to buy a deck that just rocketed because it was sold out.

      The most expensive would be smoke and mirrors v1 boxes tho. But there’s for personal collection 🙂

Viewing 2 reply threads
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