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      Joseph Zompetti

      Hi — this question is for all you collectors — when you have a deck that has a plastic hanging tag on it (you know, the plastic thing that allows stores to hang the deck up on a metal rod on a shelving unit), do you keep the tag on your deck, or do you cut it off? Personally, I’ve been cutting mine off because I hate them, but I’m wondering if the rest of you think that cutting the tags off might reduce the value of the deck — or maybe cutting them off increases the value? Just curious what others think.

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      Aron Prins

      Hey Joseph,

      Arrgghhh I hate those things. Can’t take em completely off or you’ll tear the cellophane, cutting them off leaves a little rim at the edge…

      I personally leave them on, though I doubt it takes away value from the deck, but perhaps im wrong…


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      Joseph Zompetti

      Thanks, Aaron. I hate them too! I don’t take them completely off — I just take scissors and cut even with the edge of the box, just enough so the tags aren’t extending beyond the tuck.

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      I store them in boxes the height of the deck. So they end up getting folded forward onto the deck. I don’t crease them though, if that makes sense. They just get stored that way for so long it’s the way they are.

      you can kind of see it here:

      As a collector/buyer. The condition of the plastic hang tag would make no difference to me. I guess I rather have it left alone, but it wouldn’t really affect the price I would pay.

      If I got a deck where it was cut with scissors, I’m anal enough to take a pair of fingernail clippers to it to round out the sharp points, in case it ever poked another deck.

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      Mark Stagner

      I hate those plastic nuisances! I usually try and slowly pull them off. If that doesnt seem possible I also them off.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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