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Pride of Peacocks by Arcadia Playing cards

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      Daniel Mårtensson

      Pride of peacocks

      Arcadia is a brand of playing cards dedicated to creating a series of themed, luxurious decks. We want to be able to tell a story with our cards and create a small world within the tuck box. Pride of Peacocks is the first deck in our series…

      Pride of Peacocks by Arcadia is a custom deck of ornate playing cards inspired by the significant role the elegant and mysterious peacock has played in Persian culture throughout history. The bird, which was brought from India to the region of Mesopotamia as a gift to kings as early as the 10th century BC, is a symbol of immortality and royalty. Since then, it has been an important motive in art, architecture and craft in Persian empires.


      Luxurious peacock themed deck
      56 poker sized playing cards (52 cards + 2 jokers + 1 double backer +1 card with a blank front)
      Manufactured by Cartamundi in Belgium on their famous B9 True Linen Finish – developed especially for cardists and magicians
      Tuck box will be printed with a modern foiling technique called cold foiling.
      100% custom pips and faces based on royal figures depicted in Persian art and architecture
      Cards printed with metallic inks
      Custom stamp seal

      The tuck cases display the majestic peacock along with eye catching elements from Persian culture. The front of the tuck box is inspired by archways from Persian temples. Two winged sphinxes, called Lamassus, guard this entrance. These are the same mythological creatures that guarded the gates to Persepolis, the capital of the ancient Persian empire.

      On the back you’ll find two mirrored faravahars, a symbol deriving from ancient Persia, representing good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

      Click the image for HD
      Click the image for HD
      For added depth and luxury, the cases will be printed in high quality golden cold-foil on dark blue cardboard stock.

      Close-up of the seal
      Close-up of the seal

      Back design
      The back of the cards will all be printed with metallic inks to give the cards a lavish look. We’ll use a dark blue, along with shades of turquoise and green to represent the colors of the peacock.

      Click the image for HD
      Click the image for HD

      The court cards are all based royals from Persian sculptures, paintings and murals. Peacock elements have been incorporated into the courts: feathers adorn their robes and sceptres, and they hold feathers in their hands. The kind of clubs carries a peacock egg in place of the classic orb.

      The Jokers are inspired Persian tile art often found in old mosques.

      Click the image for HD
      Click the image for HD
      We don’t just want the Pride of Peacocks deck to look amazing, but also to feel amazing in your hands. To achieve a deck with supreme handling, we are manufacturing the cards with Cartamundi in Belgium. As mentioned earlier, they will be printed on their famous card stock, the True Linen B9 Finish. This card stock is specifically made for cardists and magicians. This deck is, therefore, not just for decoration, but also ideal to use in your magic routines or when trying to attract followers with your cardistry Instagram videos.

      All pips are custom
      All pips are custom
      Stretch goals
      £7 500 – The deck will become a reality,
      £9 500 – A limited edition coin will be available as an add-on.
      £12 000 – Embossing will be applied to the deck
      £15 000 – ??? (we’ll be revealed when we get closer to the goal)
      You can add more decks or change your pledge whenever you want to, until the campaign ends
      Simply click the “Manage my pledge” button at the top of the page (next to the main cover image) and add your preferred item:

      Shipping is FREE for UK & USA backers for 3 or more decks.
      This project is EU-friendly. This means that all decks will ship personally from us in the UK, meaning no extra customs charges for EU-backers.
      Doing the fulfillment ourselves means it will take less time until you get your hands on your decks and we’ll have more control.

      Special thanks to our art director Tia and Mathias for helping out with the copy.

      Risks and challenges
      We have done extensive research to minimise risk as much as possible when it comes to producing this deck. All files are ready to print so if we reach our goal, all that needs to be done is to send them off to Cartamundi.

      Like all playing card projects on Kickstarer, shipping is the main issue. As mentioned, we are doing the fulfillment ourselves for maximum control.

      Printing schedules may also be delayed, but Cartamundi is a respected manufacturer with many years of experience. If any problems will occur, we will solve them as quickly as possible and keep all backers updated.

      Note that Arcadia can not be held responsible for any unclaimed parcels, so please make sure to enter the correct address when you receive the survey after the project has been funded. Sometimes customs might open parcels, and maybe even the deck, to see what is inside. This is something that cannot be controlled.

      Design and artwork is subject to minor changes.

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