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      Aron Prins

      Hey everyone,

      Just a quick word of warning: if you join CPC to promote your Kickstarter and want to post a forum topic, feel free to BUT:

      – Include photos
      – Include a video if you have one (KS embed code)
      – Include the funding counter (KS embed code)
      – Include information about your deck – don’t just post a link but provide some actual information exclusive to our site.

      And most importantly: don’t ghost us (join the site just to post about your KS). Be available to reply and login every now and then. If we notice you just come to share your product’s link… that’s spam, not cool and won’t help your business in the long run đŸ˜‰

      If you do not adhere to this, or take the effort to provide the CPC community with some actual value, rather you just post a link your topic will be removed and your account permanently banned.


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