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Split Spades Hypnosis Prototype Decks

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      I’ve been looking for David Blaine’s Hypnosis Split Spades Prototype decks (the red & white ones) for over SEVEN years…these things are rarer than Jerry’s Nuggets!!! I saw them on eBay once, but they sold before I knew it and apparently, they were on eBay twice before that. THREE eBay appearances! Irritatingly rare. Which will make them even sweeter, when I finally get my hands on them!!! If you’ve got them and are willing to sell them, I’m your buyer!

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      Ditto! I specifically collect Bicycle “STANDARD” decks (the decks that say “STANDARD” on the front like the rainbow rider backs or the breast cancer deck, etc). I collect Blaine as well. Therefore, his ‘magic’ decks are my favorites, and specifically, these red decks are the decks I want most. More than microsoft, dell, bees. The pair of these decks together is just beautiful. So I second what this fella says.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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